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EHL Foundation of Texas
PO Box 3258
Spring, Texas 77383

About Us​

Since our founding in 1992, we have become nurturing and dedicated members of our mission. Our commitment to quality ideologies, exceptional character and incomparable care for those in need keep us giving back to our community again and again. We never stop improving and are determined to continue to expand our efforts based on how we can best serve the underserved in the Greater Houston Area and beyond.

Board of Directors All Hands in (flipped


Chairman - Bonita Green Gambrell

Vice Chairman - Paula Dugas

Secretary - Adrianne Johnson

Assistant Secretary - Vacant

Treasurer - Kari Gray-Smith

Financial Secretary - Beverly Blanson

Assistant Financial Secretary - Vacant

Parliamentarian - Adrianne Johnson

Member at Large - Belinda Pridgen

Member at Large - Phillis Turner

Board Members

Teena Bell

Keena Bradley

Kyrel Broxton

Tranita Carroll

Angie Eubanks-Moore

Melanie Armelin

Nicole Rich

Montra Rogers

Alicia Wade

Cynthia Williams

Marla Wright

Board Advisor - Mandele’ Davis

Tanisha C. Harrell

Yoshida Kirkwood

Lyndell Scott-Wright